Somehow I thought that the name “Storex Technologies” would be a cool domain name for a general technology blog. When I registered the blog and did some further digging I discovered it was previously the domain for a world renowned technology company in the area of CD storage. Although I’m no CD storage expert, a quick internet search leads me to believe that this company has even been featured on popular online publications like Engadget and much more.

Out of respect for the previous company owners, people I do not know by anyway, I decided to keep some of their old company information for anyone that might come looking for it here. I will also pin this page on the home page of my website for as long as possible. Please keep in mind that I am in no way affiliated to this Storex Technologies and do not represent them.

Here’s an excerpt from their old home page, telling you what the company originally was about:

Storex Technologies is a high-tech company involved in research, development, and design of a high capacity, removable optical data storage technology, named Hyper-CD with storage capacity over 1,000,000GB (1PB) and the development of novel materials dedicated to optical nanolithography (1-5 nm).

The company focuses its effort on developing optical volumetric solutions using fluorescent photosensitive glasses and fluorescent photosensitive glass-ceramics that will benefit from all markets through its intellectual property.

You can also read about Storex Technologies’ previous company history and the technology they developed.

P.S. stay tuned. I might breath new life into this blog. I previously had big ideas for it but got caught up in life. When I tried to log into the site, I discovered I got hacked and had to redo the whole site. What a nightmare. That was only a while ago. Still contemplating what to do next. And yes, I lost some pages and content in the move, but I was able to recover most of it.

I’ll keep you posted.