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This website has transferred ownership and I am in no way connected with Storex Technologies. This page contains content from their old “Technology” page I have up out of respect for the technological developments the company achieved. Read more about what this website is about now here.

What is the Hyper CD Technology?

The Hyper CD is a tridimensional multilayer optical memory, based on controlled fluorescence intensity. The recording of information inside the virtual layers of a fluorescent photosensitive glass or glass-ceramic discs uses laser diodes.

Characteristics of Hyper-CD Technology

High Capacity ( PBs )

Low Cost ( Media, Drive)

Long Term Archival Solution ( thousands of years)

Capable to Work at High Temperature and Intense Radiations

Resources for Future Developments ( over 1 PB, rewritable)

No Standard Restriction

Minor Modifications of CD/DVD Drives

Hyper Drives are able to read/write CD and DVD discs

Broad Design Flexibility ( PC, notebooks, etc.)


The field of applications for the Hyper CD technology is extremely diverse (storage, backup and archiving): governmental institutions, banks, insurance companies, hospitals, libraries, museums, TV networks, movie studios, space and military applications, Internet servers.

PCs: encyclopedia, music, movie, literature, scientific journals and books, school manuals, commercial catalogues, etc.

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