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The Nitro Type Game Review

Nitro Type is a website that offers different kinds of fun racing games than gamers would normally play. These games are all geared towards improving your typing skills. The game has numerous features that most typing games and tutorials tend to lack and besides that, it is one of the most involved multiplayer games on the internet. The game was launched in 2012 as a free game and has been online ever since as various features and designs have been added to it.

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Players start the game with a basic vehicle, and they are matched against with other players on a race track. When the race starts, players will be required to type the words that appear on the screen to make their cars accelerate. The fastest, and more importantly the more accurate typist, therefore, wins the race. Accurate typing rewards players with boosts which allow them to accelerate faster, thus create a stronger emphasis on proper typing.

Players will then earn cash and nitro when they win races, which can be used to acquire new cars. Players are also allowed to create teams. While there aren’t many of these types of typing games available, the racing interface is one of the best interfaces multiplayer typing games have to offer which makes the game look very appealing to the eye.

Take a look at some first person game play material in this YouTube video:

Learning Value

Nitro Type is a game that will keep children engaged when it comes to practicing their typing skills more than the traditional, single player, typing trainers. Children will particularly be able to enjoy practicing their typing skills with their friends in the competitive multiplayer mode. It is certainly a great way to brush up on one’s typing skills while adding flavor to the typing lessons.

However, teachers should keep in mind that while the game is great for improving typing, it doesn’t teach the basics of typing nor does it offer suggestions on how to improve. It will motivate children who have already learned the basics of typing, but it won’t offer the basic instructions a beginner may require.

Lessons and Activities

This game is probably not suitable for teaching how to type as it contains no lessons. However, once students have learned the basics of typing, it is a good game for providing them with an incentive to continue to practice and build their typing skills on both speed and accuracy.

Teachers should also make sure that they monitor the students to ensure they are using proper techniques that focus on improving their typing skills as well as exhibit good sportsmanship during Nitro Type sessions. Within these limitations, players could have a lot of fun by holding a Grand Prix and even keeping track of winners and improved skill over time.


All in all, it is fun and motivating multiplayer typing game that will keep players wanting to play again and again. The game can also be played by adults who are looking to improve their typing skills in the office or those who are looking for a simple and fun way to compete against one another while at the same time checking and improving your skills.

Not many typing games are capable of keeping a player fully engaged while at the same time impacting his/her skills positively. Nitro Type is one a must have for those looking to improve their typing skills.