While doing my daily Reddit scroll AKA time waste session I found a Reddit post about a user saying the following: “Google actually has their own fidget spinner”. It just made me realize, that even with things that to me seem completely irrelevant, Google has the power to capitalize on almost any market trend.

I’ve never been able to understand the fidget trend. However, just because I don’t understand it doesn’t mean that it’s not a crazy trend. Open your YouTube account and I can almost guarantee you’ll see a few videos on these spinning things and even with hundreds of thousands of video views. Some say these toys are made for stress relieving and others have indicated that some schools have even banned them. They seem like a big distraction if you ask me.

Here’s a demonstration of a fidget spinner from YouTube

So to get back to the Google fidget spinner, like I said Google has insane power on the internet to market and communicated to the masses. They obviously noticed this to be a very big trend and created their own in-search fidget which looks like this:

Google spinner


It’s a block that has this spinning thing where you can choose between fidget and number. For fidget when you click on it, it just spins and goes faster the more you click on it. I can’t look at it too long before it starts hurting my eyes. The number option gives you a random number generator which I guess is another cool thing they added. It’s just strange that Google added it to this search.

Who knows how many thousands of people have clicked on this new search result trick Google has added. I might need to look into similar developments they have released over the years. I’ve already got one in mind I think you’re going to enjoy, but before I write about that I’ve got some news on social media.