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Keep in mind that I am in no way affiliated to Storex Technologies, do not represent them and this is simply some content from their old “Company” page. I’ve added it because my research indicated they were pretty advanced in their field or research and development, something I can respect.

Storex Technologies was incorporated in the year 2007. Storex is the leading developer of fluorescent photosensitive glass and glass-ceramics data storage (FDS) recording media and systems. Storex has some of the industry’s leading executives and scientists.

Dr. Eugen Pavel, the company’s founder, has done extensive research in the field of fluorescent photosensitive glasses and glass-ceramics. The company holds patents on glass and glass-ceramics compositions as well as read/write mechanics and optics concept(s) applicable to high-density data storage. Using commercially available low power lasers and optics, capacities of more than 1,000,000 GB (1 PB) can be achieved using a CD size disk of 120mm in diameter and 1.2mm thick.

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