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My list of best ICOs to invest in for 2018

With the recent dawn of cryptocurrency and blockchain networks, ICOs are increasingly becoming mainstream and part of acceptable investments. Since more and more people are investing in cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings, there is a great increase in competition and it makes finding the best ico to invest in 2018 somewhat harder. Due to this, added with general confusion and bombarding opinions on whether crypto will die or not I’ve decided to put together a list of my 6 top coins for 2018 below.

1. Rentberry

Having taken over the rental world by storm in 2015, Rentberry is the most recent revolutionized system for a long-term rental platform. As compared to other platforms, the Rentberry ICO is already a successful and fully developed product. It is a decentralized rental platform and so far the only platform that automates all rental risks and allows the creation of custom offers.

By using blockchain based technology, the platform ensures that there is a smooth and transparent rental experience. More so, it will help the tenants to unfreeze millions of their money in cash deposits.

It will save people from engaging in transactions between tenants and landlords. According to Rentbery CEO, over $500 billion dollars are frozen in rent deposits. It’s, therefore, the first international platform to help renters unlock billions of cash while streamlining the process of paying rent, finding apartments among others.

This is definitely a coin to watch out for in 2018 with a lot of potential.


This is a blockchain based platform that can greatly help solve the real-life problem without even going through any well-known organization of government system. It’s designed in such a way that it’s a social engine and location-based system that makes it faster and suitable for all users.

It, therefore, helps all the users to rate their experience and upload them without hiding their identity. ENLTE has not only connected people together but has also helped them to socialize in a better way. The aim of this platform is to develop a networking platform together with the users.

3. Cypherium

Cypherium refers to a team of developers from Google, Microsoft, and Amazon who are looking to create blockchain ICO. This platform will be permissionless and will also help resolve many scalability issues. Since it’s going to be a unique ICO in 2018. It’s perhaps the best option for investors.

It will start slow and move high eventually. According to CEO Sky Guo, it will separate governance at both the application layers and protocol. He believes that there are few teams who can develop what they are trying to build.


As one of the most popular photography equipment producers, Kodak declared the launch of its ICO in 2018 thereby blowing up the cryptocurrency market with the news and hopping onto the current hype. They announced that they will be developing KODAKOne, a blockchain platform for taking care of images using an internal currency known as the Kodak coin.

The tokenized platform will allow users to cheaply exchange, register, and sell digital images. It is offering a simple, licensed, blockchain based system through smart contracts. It will be an effective, transparent platform that targets audience of photographers who are genuinely interested in the project.

Due to the company’s history, big brand and the potential of the widely popular photography market, this definitely seems like one of the top ico’s to invest in 2018.

5. TradersHub

Tradershub refers to an online social trading platform that serves as a gateway into the world of cryptocurrencies. Through this platform, users can join the ultimate trading process. It’s a high valued platform that provides a wide set of value-added services to its clients.

It has satisfied all the requirements in an effective manner. It also involves all aspects of social capital by bringing in different social components into the system. Although many companies and coins seem to exist in the same market, it will be interesting to see what the results are that this company can come up with.

This is a good ICO to keep an eye on.

6. Omega One

Expected to be launched in 2018, Omega one is a new ICO token in the market. It’s going to be the cheapest and the latest way of trading in tokens and cryptocurrencies. Unlike others, it’s going to solve the problem of hacking and liquidity which is often a huge opposing factor especially for those against crypto.

Omega One will also provide users with a decentralized platform that will be traded on every exchange. Since it has an upgraded trade intelligence and increased liquidity it will be among the new evolutions in the world of ICO. More so, its fees will be reinvested so as to make it more reliable.

When it comes to blockchain and ICOs, the product, the team and the community behind it are very important. However, before investing in one you need to keep your eyes open so as to avoid landing on an empty project. I hope you enjoyed this short round-up of my list of best ico’s to invest in for 2018 March.

I will update and improve this page as time passes by. For now, here are two more videos for further ICO discovery:

Video 2: